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Andreas Wilderer

Andreas Wilderer

An entrepreneur and business leader in his own right, Andreas Wilderer is on a mission to raise awareness and support for women in leadership and for those they lean on. He believes that the topic of supportive male spouses is an issue our society should talk about more. Not many men tell their story about living with strong female C-suite executives—and Andreas wants to change that.

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Andreas Wilderer
Lean On Book Cover
Lean On Book Cover

Lean On: The Five Pillars of Support for Women in Leadership

In today’s workplace, gender roles are rapidly changing and evolving. With more women entering the workforce, men need to step up in their families and actively support their female partners. It’s time to rethink the roles in the family and workplace. In his new book, Lean On, Andreas Wilderer encourages readers to go with the change and discover what can be a new normal. His goal is to help men empower women so that families can have success both in an out of the home. He focuses on five pillars that need alignment and inclusion – yourself, your partner, your children, the workplace, and society.

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Thought leader and life coach Andreas Wilderer wants to spread the message of empowerment for men and women both in and out of the workplace. A business leader himself, he supports his C-suite executive spouse, and he believes that men have an important role to play when it comes to being supportive. His speeches, webinars, and coaching services can help men and women alike find their “new normals.” Step up and join the conversation with Andreas today!

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Lean On

The Five Pillars of Support for Women in Leadership

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